Agricultural Services

Specializing in agricultural applications of bulk lime and fertilizer, Central Carolina Seeding provides the industry's best equipment and skilled operators for agricultural land projects.

Over time, with repeated tilling, crop growth, and exposure to precipitation, soil nutrients are depleted and the ground becomes acidic. Limestone, a sedimentary rock comprised primarily of the skeletal fragments and shells of marine animals such as coral and molluscs (or mollusks), is a rich source of calcium carbonate, which introduces important nutrients back into the earth as it dissolves and raises the pH of soil back to normal levels. For any agricultural enterprise, correct application of lime can mean the difference between reduced crop yields and big harvests.

Fertilizer application is another vital component of any successful agricultural operation. Our high horsepower machinery allows us to cover more ground in less time—broadcasting material farther and faster while maintaining accurate spread patterns for greater efficiency. Our methods ensure precision application with uniform distribution in the largest agricultural settings, increasing crop yields.

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