Environmental Construction

With every development project, the impacts on the surrounding ecosystem must be avoided and minimized. After consideration of practical alternatives, if the project exceeds permit thresholds, a mitigation plan is required before occupancy of any permanent building or structure on the site. Relative to public roadways, likewise, the road cannot be opened to the public until the mitigation plan has been implemented.

Stream/Wetlands Mitigation

Central Carolina Seeding specializes in stream and wetlands mitigation. Why choose Central Carolina Seeding? Proper implementation of erosion-control measures to restore and protect environmentally sensitive streams and wetlands requires specifically designed installation techniques—techniques that we have developed and perfected. Our mitigation process stabilizes eroded stream banks and improves habitats for aquatic life and wildlife with the installation of wetland plants and native seeding.

Central Carolina Seeding has designed and implemented numerous wetland mitigation projects, and our experience with the complexities and nuances of mitigation gives us the expertise critical to the success of your stream or wetlands mitigation project.

Stormwater BMP

Sediment basins are one of the more common ways of controlling runoff on various types of construction sites. Basins, often-required erosion control devices, are installed throughout various projects with the intent of capturing sediment from stormwater runoff, before discharging the water. Once projects are complete, all basins must either be removed, or recommissioned for long-term stormwater management. Central Carolina Seeding has extensive experience with both BMP Pond conversions and initial construction.