Drill Seeding

Commonly utilized for reseeding large highway, industrial, or commercial projects, drill seeding is a mechanical grass seeding method that incorporates great precision in the planting of seed at just the right soil depth and with perfect spacing.

Central Carolina Seeding uses techniques and equipment that ensure the renovation and restoration of turf where complete land disturbance by sod drills would be adverse. Drill seeding is one of the methods of conservation planting for native and introduced species recommended by the US Department of Agriculture.

Our specialized "no-till" drills allow us to provide eco-friendly, no-till seeding. The huge reduction in soil compaction and soil erosion is one great advantage of our equipment. No-till seeding leaves the soil mostly undisturbed, in turn reducing moisture loss and allowing plant residues to decompose at a natural pace, which creates healthier soil. No-till seeding also keeps rocks below the surface, thus requiring less time and fuel than more traditional methods.

With our no-till machinery, the front blades and opening coulters slice the ground to create a narrow furrow for seed deposit, leaving the land nearly intact. Our equipment meters out the seed in an exact amount to reduce waste, depositing it via tubes at the optimal depth. The back rollers, or packer wheels, then blanket the seeds with the displaced soil—ensuring excellent seed-to-soil contact for optimal germination.

Trust Central Carolina Seeding for the most professional and properly executed drill seeding projects.